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Ella Lauren

Fashion – Adelaide, SA

Ella Lauren is the epitome of femininity, elegance and allure. The Bloom collection is a floral, romantic delight inspired by Claude Monet’s garden. The unique fabrics used in this collection capture a soft subtle colour palette while the floral embroidery creates the many visual and tactile textures of a garden scene. The use of gold thread and sequins is reminiscent of the sun’s rays at dawn. The fabrics are layered to provide depth while movement is achieved through the choice of translucent fabrics, simulating flowers floating and moving in a breeze. In essence, the designs and the fabrics are in harmony, encapsulating nature and look like they are growing right before your eyes. Ella Lauren aims to empower women with strong, individual statement pieces while maintaining femininity by combining the beauty of nature with the female form. ...more

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Showcasing in Adelaide, SA

IMPACT at Burnside Ballroom – 03 May 2019 @ 6:30PM