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Visual Art – Winnipeg, MB

Graphic pop artist living in Winnipeg Mb Canada Cartoon Video Game Vintage Retro graphics over abstract backgrounds. Lots of bright colours including neons and pastels. lots of reference to pop culture and adult themes. When it comes to my art I go by the name DUDinz, a nickname I picked up as a teenager growing up in the suburbs of winnipeg. At a young age I was diagnosed with a disease that caused my kidneys to fail and I needed a kidney transplant. I received a transplant eventually, but shortly after I was in a car accident an almost lost my leg and my life. Now that I am in need of another transplant as the previous one has given out I receive dialysis 3 times a week, 4 hours at a time. Living on dialysis is not easy me, but there are many people in Manitoba and across Canada who struggle greatly with the life kidney failure forces them ti live. Because of the great need of these people including myself, I have started the foundation Doodles 4 Dialysis. Doodles 4 Dialysis raises funds to support adults and children in Manitoba and a across Canada on dialysis and living with kidney failure. To support these people Doodles 4 dialysis needs people like you to share your love of art and donate an original painting of your creation to www.doodles4dialysis.ca . Once Doodles receives your donation it is sold on our website to support kidney research and help people living on dialysis. Follow us on Facebook: Doodles4Dialysis Instagram: @straight.dudgeoned @doodles4dialysis . ...more

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Showcasing in Winnipeg, MB

IMPACT at Cowboys – 02 May 2019 @7:00PM