Dope Pastel

Fashion – Philadelphia, PA

Dope Pastel is a sassy eye-catching streetwear brand with a twist of glam. The brand exemplifies bold colors, prints, and fabrications in all designs which creates a uniqueness within the fashion industry. Meet the Designer: Courtney is from Philadelphia, but currently resides in Delaware. She always knew that a boring 9-5 was not something that she would be interested in spending 40+ years of her life doing. She wanted to pursue a career where hands on creativity would be prominent in everyday life. During her late teen years, she decided to attend school for fashion. After always being told how dope her style was, the brand "DOPE PASTEL" was born. Courtney has a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and a M.S. in International Fashion Design Management and had the pleasure of studying fashion design in Milan for several months. She strives to continue learning, growing, and making a splash into the fashion industry! ...more

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Showcasing in Philadelphia, PA
IMPACT at The Trocadero Theatre – Apr 10, 2019 @7:00PM