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Accessories – Dallas, TX

Hello, fellow fashion rebels! As the child of a military airman, I constantly witnessed a variety of changes in the earth, life, and culture. From an early age, I always enjoyed illustrating realistic drawings from things I saw on TV, my imagination, and nature, especially with graphite. I also loved to go against trends and create a path of my own. My most popular creation was my chain cartilage clip-on earring which I came up with in 2010 during my senior of high school. Quite a few people liked the earring so I decided to sell them and I gained new friends and fans alike. Since then, I've expanded into handmade polymer earrings, rings, and necklaces. My signature spike earrings have also become popular and I've continued to sell my ear chains alongside them. With my experience in photography, architecture, painting, ceramic, and fine arts, I hope to continue to sell unique things people fall in love with. ...more