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My name is Petra Dejon, founder and creative cultivator of Dejon Jewelry. Dejon Jewelry is one of a kind handmade jewelry made with natural stones, crystals, and glass beads. My jewelry captures the style and elegance of a spiritual journey, handcrafted with you in mind. Every piece is unique and beautiful with inspiration from all over! I was motivated to create this jewelry brand when I got weary of seeing trendy, impersonal pieces in the store for purchase. I create jewelry for adults as well as personalized children's jewelry. I want my jewelry to be as fun and as comfortable to wear as open your eyes, awaken your senses...and step into the world of Dejon Jewelry... ...more

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Showcasing in New Orleans, LA

ARISE at REPUBLIC NOLA (18+) – Sep 11, 2019 @7:00PM