Deborah Vollmer Dahlke -Austin Bird Stone Studio

Accessories – Austin, TX

I learned to solder and weld at age 14. My father was an incredible fabricator, his art form was building hot rod roadsters and other instruments of speed. My parents somehow afforded to give me painting lessons with a master of the Hoosier Art School, and I studied Fine Art and Pre-Med at Indiana University. Life intervened, and I spent years dabbling in art while I supported myself as s single parent, continuing my education till I got my doctorate. Along the way, I married a great guy who builds motorcycles. We share a studio in the Texas Hill Country south of Austin. I’ve finally balanced out, working still in cancer drug discovery, jewelry design and watercolors. We ride a few motorcycles, too from time to time. A good mix, I think. I enjoy working with silver, precious stones and pearls. I’m learning to work with Argentium silver, and I am doing some work in gold. Mostly, I just want to improve my craft and skills and share the pretty things I make with people who enjoy them. ...more