Deanna Hope Visuals

Photography – Detroit, MI

Hey there! My name is Deanna Hope, but you can call me Deanna Hope Visuals. To use the cliche term "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!" For me I first found my love of photography at the age of 15 when I picked up my first camera. The love and passion I found for it really does make it seem as if I'm never working even though everyday I'am. Although I did not get my first DSLR until I was 18, I was always shooting anything I could. When I moved to Michigan ,at the sametime, I fell in love with the city of Detroit. Every day I seem to find my way to the city, with my camera in hand. Whether that be; exploring abandoned buildings, capturing the beautiful sunsets from sunset point on Belle Isle or even in the heart of Detroit doing street photography. Even the days I'am not shooting I still find myself down in Detroit for shows or a nice meal with a friend or two, along with exploring for new spots that I'll come back to with my camera in hand ready to make magic happen. ...more