David Wells Art

Visual Art – Orange County, CA

David Wells is a scientist and an artist. Although very artistic during high school, David took a break from art during 25 years of day jobs as a scientist in drug analysis, pharmacist, author, teacher, and entrepreneur. David became a professional artist in 2011, while living in Saint Paul, Minnesota, when he was inspired at a local Art Crawl and reconnected with his strong passion for art and creativity. In 2014 the Twin Cities TOSCA magazine of arts and culture named David the "Minnesota Artist of the Year." In 2015, David transitioned to Orange County, California, and exhibited the next summer at the Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair summer festival. David’s abstract artworks use acrylic paints and inks, and they are known for their intense color, energy, and motion. David uses his knowledge of chemistry to change variables in his artistic process. Every creation is dynamic, unique and has unexpected elements. David has adapted his technique to many surfaces, including tile, plastic, glass, paper, wood, canvas, and home décor. David also creates "energetic portraits" of people as the artworks match their inner essence. ...more