David I Muir

Photography – Miami, FL

David I. Muir is a Jamaican fine art photographer living in South Florida, USA. Besides his family, photography is David\'s greatest passion and he has a special love for candid portraiture and lifestyle photography -- signature components of his exhibits. David\'s love affair with photography began in the early 1980s when he would take his father\'s camera to school and capture images of campus life in Kingston, Jamaica. Elements of this early style are still evident in David\'s inspirational and candid works. His artistic pursuit has generated an intense passion which has only been tamed by expanding this pursuit into a daily business activity. This transformation has propelled David\'s portrait and event photography business, DAVIDiPhoto, Inc. to be recognized as the premier event photography business of South Florida\'s Caribbean and African-American communities. As David\'s enthusiasm for the art of photography grows, he is consistently sharpening his skills and experimenting with different styles to create images that evoke passion and rouse conversation. It\'s no wonder David\'s work enjoys the admiration of his clients, peers, art lovers and many others; and his photographs have appeared in various media including print media, web publications, juried art contests and featured in both group and solo fine art exhibitions. ...more