Dani Criss, The Artist

Performing Art – New York - Brooklyn, NY

Affectionately known as Dani Criss The Artist; a multidisciplinary performer, teaching artist, and community organizer hailing from Durham, North Carolina, now based in Brooklyn, NY. She is heavily influenced by her roots and studies of the African diaspora, as well as the advancement of her people everywhere. As a performer and creative artist, she is dedicated to work that uses itself as a platform for conversation on a social change, believing that art is a key tool to surpass half of life's madness. As a lover of community, Dani adapts to wherever she is needed and invited. In her Teaching Methodology, “Artivism” Strikes; the goal is to always give authentic and foundational information on a matter, while delivering it in a way that connects directly to the community that’s being served. Using movement as the source to obtain liberation while studying how one chooses to liberate themselves. Trained and performed with numerous artists and festivals including The American Dance Festival, Urban Bush Women Summer Leadership Institute, Honorable Baba Chuck Davis and the African American Dance Ensemble, Michelle Gibson, Otesha Cultural Arts Ensemble, Asè Dance Theatre Collective, and others. Choreographic works have been seen in various venues in New York, New York, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Durham, NC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Winston Salem, NC. Check out www.danicriss.com for more information. ...more

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Showcasing in New York - NYC, NY
IMPACT at Melrose Ballroom – May 15, 2019 @7:00PM