Crystal Brakhage Designs

Fashion – Omaha, NE

Hey! What’s up? I am a small town girl that had a dream becoming a fashion designer. Scratch that, that’s what you all want to hear right. When I was younger I was forced to sew in 4-H I absolutely hated it. I wanted to go into photography so I begged my mom to send me to photography camp. While I was at camp some of the fashion designers that went to the school the camp was held were displaying their work. I was inspired. I went home and told my mom, “ alright, I’ll sew one more year, if we do my idea.” I told her my idea and she looked at me like I was crazy but she gave in. Here I am 8 years later! I received a bachelors degree from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in education and human sciences with a focus on fashion design. I have participated in Kansas City Fashion Week, Omaha Fashion Week, and RunwayLOUD in Branson MO. I have won awards such as Best of Show, Crowds favorite, and Award if Distinction. I even judge 4-H here and there to help and inspire kids to keep sewing and keep fashion alive. ...more