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Photography – Nashville, TN

I am a loud, energetic Kentucky girl brought down to Nashville for my love of photography and pursuit of creative freedom. Having found my love of photography later than many at the ripe old age of 23, I relied on self-teaching for most of my craft. I found my start photographing horses, seeing as I lived minutes away from some of the most famous horse farms in the world. Soon I was capturing shots of many of the fastest horses in the country both on and off the track, and I fell in love with the art and design behind the lens. Knowing my desire to create captivating and artistic photos, I made my way down to Nashville to pursue photography on a larger scale. I have since found my passion for working with the multitude of creative spirits in this city and helping them bring their artistic visions to life. ...more

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Showcasing in Nashville, TN

IMPACT at City Winery Nashville – Jun 05, 2019 @7:00PM