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Visual Art – Brisbane, QLD

Christopher Jhureea, more commonly known as CJ the Kid when it comes to his creative side, was born in east Melbourne then moved to the coast of Coffs Harbour at the age of 7 with his family. He grew up in the small yet charming beach town of Woolgoolga and at 15 Years of age CJ started dancing. Long story short he fell in love with the art of movement and the feeling of being creative, finished school and moved to Brisbane on a scholarship for D.L.D.C a full time performing arts school. A year later he moved to Sydney to get more serious with the world of dance and performing and after almost 3 years living in a garage, teaching 10 classes a week while doing the occasional gig here and there, he landed a lead solo character role with cirque du Soleil. “It felt like running away from home to join the circus” A dream come true for this creative kid at the young age of 22 With the show being in Las Vegas, he moved right on over, 10 shows a week right on the Las Vegas strip. He spent 3 years with the show then decided to step away as his creativity started to grow. This move granted him the time to draw, paint and just simply create more and he spent another 3 years in the states exploring and going in head first with his painting, putting on gallery shows, painting murals and installing his art in local cafes down town Las Vegas where he had his studio space. At the end of 2016, Cj decided it was time to move back to the land of Aus, having built a strong and worldly following overseas. He thought it’s now time for his home land to be on the receiving end, like starting all over again, slowly but surely growing his art in Australia. Cj the kid means simply keeping the kid in ourselves alive, keeping the fun intact with your everyday life, creating in a way that you would before you grow the idea of judgment. Purely having fun rolling around in the paint and creating because it feels good. It’s like speaking in another way, a way that he just quite can’t put into words. He says, it’s also “like medicine”. The colours that make him happy are the colours he uses. The kid like spirit is very powerful, and like anything that’s classed as a power, we must use it for good! “Sharing imagination and colour with the world and inspiring through my passions to create is the least I can do, my art is just what I feel and I use my body as the instrument to project it. A lot of times I get the answers to my questions after I’ve done a painting or created a dance piece, it’s free flowing, and I couldn’t see myself ever stopping” For now you can see most of Cj the Kids art and creativity on Instagram. Cj the kid... ...more

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Showcasing in Brisbane, QLD

STELLAR at The Met (18+) – 01 Aug 2019 @ 6:30PM

Exhibiting on: 01 Aug 2019 @ 6:30PM