Christopher Phelan-White

Visual Art – Brisbane, QLD

Christopher Phelan-White is an Irish Australian Brisbane based poet who has been making art for the past 3 years. Working mainly with mixed media and installations involving bones and earthly materials, he learnt about art from his parents and that one design course he was forced to take. Christopher became inspired to do art after realising the relationship with poetry and painting. Christopher identifies his art as an absurd data conceptualising, with themes mainly involving decadence and obsession. One of his data pieces "One dot for 21 cents U.S" is based on the gun death toll statistic, dotting over eleven thousand dots individually on a purple and red painted canvas. Other pieces include "Darwins second choice", an installation that explores the relationship with animal death and the immigration by the utilisation of clothing and animal bones. ...more

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Showcasing in Brisbane, QLD
IMPACT at The Met – 28 Mar 2019 @ 6:30PM