Brett Sixtysix

Visual Art – Melbourne, VIC

Brett Sixtysix is a self taught digital artist who has been painting for 5 years. He's had 4 solo shows since May 2017. His latest show is currently on at Absinthia Bar Fitzroy. Brett also runs The Fitzroy Art Collective. It showcases and sells local original and printed art to the public via cafes and bars. Brett predominantly sells on-line to an international audience and is currently based in Northcote. Brett Sixtysix has created his own unique style which he has termed Digital Disintegration. Digital Disintegration is the allegorical method of portraying inner growth through personal expression and the deterioration of the former self. Brett's work expresses the universal principles of growth and decay, the fleeting nature of mortality and the impermanence of form in the natural world. This duality is represented by vibrant colors as an expression of life and black static which tears apart the fabric of the image. It is a spontaneous expression of form giving way to entropy. ...more