RAW is back in the Big Apple to bring you the finest up-and-coming artists in town. Our showcase director Daniel Chavez is looking forward to seeing the night unfold with two very special and distinct musicians tomorrow night. From hip-hop to smooth sounds, this evening is sure to cater to all different tastes and interests. Daniel loves returning to the Other Coast to showcase the hottest new music - don’t miss out!






JAHEL comes from a musical family, so it’s no surprise he’s grown up to be a talented artist himself. His goal is to inspire others to pursue their dreams, just as he does in music. His intense lyricism is inspired by personal experiences and the environment around him, aiming to spread positive vibes to the world and its people.


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Nalani is a New York native. Now 26 years old, she has always shown a strong interest in music from a young age. Just this past summer, she released her first  EP. Her goal is to inspire others with her creativity through her everyday life and surroundings.


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American Beauty is the place to be tomorrow night. Be sure to come join us in celebrating music, art, and life - it’s gonna be a good one!


-Sarah Schwartz