It’s that time of the year again - Minneapolis, we’re back! Our very own Kimberly Barbosa is in The Twin Cities and is more than stoked to witness the creativity that thrives among the Minnesotans. This is Kim’s second visit to The Pourhouse as showcase director for RAW, and ready for another round of hosting some killer bands on the stage for you all to dance along to - see you TONIGHT!






Christlo. is a Minneapolis-raised smooth hip-hop artist who expresses real-life personal experiences and those he observes from the world around him within his music. His goal is to create relatable lyrics for his audience to jam to - plus, his dance moves are pretty slick. Don’t miss him!


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The Real Is Back


Hip hop duo The Real Is Back consists of Stylz and Antonion Fixx, risen from the Minneapolis underground scene. Inspired by the music of Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP ROCKY and artists alike, the duo has set out on a mission to bring back the ‘real feel’ of music. Check out their 2017 debut album, “Higher Eyez: Obstacles” on Soundcloud now!


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I wouldn’t miss these two at The Pourhouse - they’re going to make you ~feel things~ tonight. We’ll see you there!


-Sarah Schwartz