Hello to all of our Bostonian readers! Tonight, RAW presents some of the finest talent in New England under the reign of Tash Ostapovicz. Tash is our freshest face among our showcase directors, and is excited to be returning to her hometown to share this special night with you all. Boston is sure in for a treat tonight with the line-up we have for you!






“Boston-based bratwurst bump”, Mosie is an electronic RnB artist who has recently released his sophomore studio album, Tangerine. The sound is rugged, influenced by a combination of 80s disco, hip-hop, and “old soul crooners”, and the result is, well, Mosie. Come join us by dancing the night away, and you’ll see what we mean.


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Ava Sophia


Singer/songwriter Ava Sophia has got the new music you’ve been looking for. Starting with piano lesson at the age of 9, she’s only grown and progressed from there. The Berklee College of Music graduate has performed all over the Boston area, spreading her unique tone and groovy acoustic-pop sound across the city. Her music is influenced by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Sara Barellies and Carole King. She says that music, to her, is “the only way I know how to make the world a better place.”


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Amos Fortune


Amos Fortune formed in 2014 after performing in several different music projects and songs over the past 13 years. Their sound is a foot-tapping combination of rock, blues and folk, which can be heard in their EP, American Folklore. If you’re a fan of guitar riffs and having a good time, I wouldn’t miss ‘em!


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You know the drill, Boston - Mixx 360, 7:00 PM, be there. Those are your plans - we’ll see you then!


-Sarah Schwartz