For makeup artist KC Whitcamp, in her field, everyday is an adventure. She talks to RAW about her background and the long distance she's traveled to follow her passion. Be sure to RSVP to see her makeup designs at the next San Diego RAW showcase on Friday, July 30th at the Se Hotel!

Tell us about yourself.
I am a professional makeup artist and I love what I do. Ever since I remember, I've been painting or doing some kind of art and experimenting with it. When I was seven years old I started to take oil painting classes and it's one thing that I still do. I was born and raised in Mexico City and I've been living in this country for seven years and in San Diego for five years.

How did you first get started working in makeup artistry?
I started doing makeup when I was 17 years old because I was involved with Musical Theater. I thought that it was just a hobby, so I only did makeup on my friends after my theater days were done. I changed countries by destiny and went to college where I graduated in Arts. I really wanted a profession in some kind of artistry and my passion from makeup artistry showed up one more time. I decided to become a professional makeup artist so after a lot of research I enrolled in Empire Academy of Makeup where Dona Mee and other instructors taught me more than makeup. That's how my passion transferred from painting on a canvas to painting on faces. Right now I'm a freelance makeup artist but I am working hard to be represented by an agency. That's one of my main goals right now.

From where do you draw inspiration for your work?
I get inspired by everything, I dont have one single source of inspiration. Some times by paintings, Flowers, fashion shows, my clients background, etc. My goal is to enhance her features and create a beautiful face. I think that is a bigger compliment to hear "She looks amazing" than "I love that eyeshadow."

What do you love most about what you do?
I love that I get to do this for a living. I get to do my love and passion for a living and I'm very grateful for that. I get to work with creative people in this wonderful industry. Everyday is a different adventure.

When you aren't doing make up, how do you like spending your free time?
You can find me at home with my husband and my two dogs. Also, with friends trying a new look (they let me play with them) or just hanging out with them. I love going to the movies, concerts,  shows, art expositions, hiking, trips to the beach, and going mountain biking.

Are there any make up artists, or perhaps any decades/styles, past or present, that strongly influence your work?
I really go through periods. Right now I'm in love with the 60's. I admire Gucci Westman, Joana Gair, and Francesca Tolot

Any previous accomplishments that you are most proud of?
Everyday is an accomplishment just by doing what I love. Working with amazing people that I can also now consider friends is a huge accomplishment for me.  Project wise, I think that my biggest project was being part of the team for a music video for All American Rejects.

Any current rising stars within the scene (besides yourself) that you would recommend we look out for?
There are so many people that I consider talented in this industry but I really think that here in San Diego Flora Wade (makeup artist), Gwendolyn Sneed and Aurora Dewey (hair stylists) are artist that you have to watch for :)