Ben DeHart
Ben DeHart Profile Picture
Visual Art – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

San Diego born artist Ben Dehart, using a process for layering multiple panels of varying sizes and materials, brings his modern abstract art to 3 dimensions. His broad palate and bold use of contrasting light and dark colors creates a feeling of motion causing the viewer to reflect on his subject matter of societal and environmental issues. Plein Air painting is also a passion of his. And doing these outdoor paintings of various points of interest around San Diego and beyond is an ongoing adventure. His company Dehart Designs focuses on commercial graphic arts, Design, Events, Hospitality and of course ART. Live art, chalkboard menus, and logo design, film posters and storyboards are just a few of the many projects that have been completed over it’s 7 years in business. Ben currently resides in Los Angeles and travels and works in the San Diego and L.A. area. “I believe that it is more important than ever that art reveals to the viewer what it’s purpose is because this is a question that people are grappling with more and more. I see one of the purposes of art as a way to bridge gaps that people have more trouble crossing in other ways. Potentially easing the tension that we feel and helping bring unity to the world around us.” ...more