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Photography – Cleveland, OH

My name is Michelle, and I am in charge of the creations around here! I began taking pictures in 2012, when my family relocated to Wilmington, NC. I was immediately inspired by the historic monuments, the Cape Fear River and of course, the ocean. That’s when my Husband bought me my first Nikon- a D3100. From there my photography journey began. I started taking pictures of friends and their families or taking pictures at events, like baby showers and birthday parties. Likewise, I have always been a fan of designing albums, and that began to intermix nicely with taking pictures. If I had to explain to someone what I like about the pictures I take, it would be this: I try to be very present in life. I try to enjoy those little moments that really matter at the end a day. Taking pictures outside of formal settings (like a studio) are- by far- my favorite. Those pictures allow me to photograph people’s lives as they ARE in that moment (i.e. what home are they living in, what season did you have this beautiful memory in, who were you spending time with, what pets did you own, how old were your children, etc.). A photograph should capture the entire moment- not just a pose. I always prefer natural light and I love shooting outside. I'm a minimalist when it comes to editing, I prefer to take the shot the way I want it to be seen from the get-go. As for the work product in the end, I believe that my photos are my art, but I am not alone in that process. Were it not for my clients, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to create amazing photos. ...more

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Showcasing in Cleveland, OH
REFLECT at House of Blues Cleveland – Mar 20, 2019 @7:00PM