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Visual Art – Charlotte, NC

*Beanpot Studio sprouted from the idea of two separate artists exploring their passions- manifesting each wild, intangible thought into a physical piece to hold and love. We are infinitely inspired by our world and the unbound creativity to express it. We have an angled wheelthrower and an organic handbuilder.* [[HANDBUILDER:]] Mucho gusto! My name is Tiffany Salas and I hope to showcase the innate connectedness we share with nature and celebrate the quirks in every day life. My work is a reverent balance between something created and something discovered. I hand build my pots organically through the varying pressures of my fingers, building slowly so I can see the creation in process, as it is my most treasured aspect of life: process and evolution. Utilizing primitive techniques and dimpled textures, small tears and stress marks only add to my preservation of fate and found aesthetic. My admirers are individuals who love the outdoors and appreciate natural imperfections. I revel in the idea of what it is to be considered truly beautiful in this glossy world. [[WHEELTHROWER:]] Hello! My name is Damien Overcash and I am a wheel-based potter that uses the continuous spin to bring my particularly crafted vessels into fruition. My inspiration in clay derives from my affinity in psychology- how understanding yourself progresses and manifests itself into clarity. That unbarred knowledge enables me to correlate a distinguishable similarity between the pottery I make and myself. My audience is made up of people who enjoy balance and function in their lives. ...more

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Showcasing in New York - Brooklyn, NY

ARISE at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (18+) – Sep 25, 2019 @6:30PM

Exhibiting on: Sep 25, 2019 @6:30PM