Badgermouth Profile Picture
Music – Toronto, ONT

’We’re in pursuit of the unattainable.’ We didn’t come from any place; but every place. We will write about our humanity, our frailty, our strength and fragility. As many layers as you are willing to uncover, we strive to release the darkness and illumination in us all – you gotta get angry. Rob London, Nick Palmer and Andrew Gordon power the machine, the animal that is Badgermouth. ‘I want to tell you son… it all starts now!’ After two albums and two Canadian tours under a different name, Badgermouth were becoming known for their uniquely large sound – especially for a trio – they were beginning to branch out, experiment, get heavier. Their roots being in punk, post-punk, even baroque and metal; they were coming into their own and embracing the west / east-coast melding of their sound. ’No more love songs, that shit’s been done. We need something more uplifting, like the madness of writing – the anger and hope in the art.’ Badgermouth’s first album is an outright exclamation of madness, depression, hope, vulnerability and power. No holding back, no more love songs… this album screams the insecurity and desperation we all feel. ‘Who said, that crawling in your skin isn’t movement, however slow and misdirected,’ a howl at impatience and the knowledge that we’re destined for something bigger. ...more