Maria Medina

Performing Art – Orange County, CA

Maria Medina was born in Mexico City and moved to California with her family at the age of 8. Maria fell in love with music and dance at a very early age. Growing up in California exposed her to the magic of pop culture. She grew up emulating the choreography she saw in music videos from artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Missy Elliot. It wasn’t long until she was choreographing her own movement to some of her favorite songs. As she grew older, her passion for the arts became stronger. In order to further develop her talents, Maria enrolled at the School of Arts and Enterprise in Pomona her junior year of high school. She was involved in many creative projects and collaborations while she attended the SAE. She took an array of classes, from hip-hop dance to show choir and piano. She received multiple awards from this school, including communication and collaboration awards for her creative work in music, dance, and academics. Maria credits the SAE for helping her find her creative freedom and for challenging her consistently throughout the years she attended. After graduating in 2015, Maria enrolled at Fullerton College. She took a combination of music and dance classes and began to push herself as an artist. She ultimately fell in love with the dance department at Fullerton College. She was given many wonderful performance opportunities and began to develop her stage persona. She debuted her first hip-hop solo, "Euphoria", at the 2018 Fullerton College Spring Dance Concert. Maria is extremely grateful to her instructors and peers for her artistic growth in the FC dance department. Maria is currently working on releasing original music and hopes to entertain audiences through her passions in music and dance. ...more