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Performing Art – Nashville, TN

Andria LaChe’ (On-dree-uh Luh-Shay) is a 21 yr old dancer/performer born and raised in Chicago, IL. She presents a very modern and lively style of dancing. Her strengths consist of the energy she projects and the authenticity within her soul. She believes that dance is the way her heart speaks to the world. “I come from an environment where your thoughts are constantly silenced and ignored, so you have to learn to speak through different measures. Growing up on the west side of Chicago, I was unconsciously exposed to violence as a way of getting my point across to people. I had to learn to become mission conscious and start using art as my form of resistance. I learned to stop telling my story and start showing it. I began dancing with purpose.. No longer just doing choreography, but actually feeling the music so much that my energy is contagious and my beliefs are acknowledged”. ...more

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Showcasing in Atlanta, GA

ARISE at The Masquerade (18+) – Sep 26, 2019 @7:00PM