Andi Who Art

Visual Art – Brisbane, QLD

I was born creative, but succumbed to the age old deception of leaving school/getting a job/mortgage/married/family..., all the while letting the yearning hole in my soul grow ever larger. Having pushed it to one side for so long, the inner child decided "no more!" and so I dug out my brushes and acrylics and started from scratch. Finding that I had so much I had to get out of my head, I had started works in every corner of my home and bless my friends and family who have since received art in lieu of gifts for every significant occasion! Recently I joined SAS Art (Sandgate Art Society), a great group of diverse artists who get together and work on their individual projects in each other's company. I'm grateful for their ability to share, support and encourage one another. Self taught, no formal training, I have a very vivid dream life and am always delighted when a piece turns out as I envisioned in my head. I paint as I am feeling at the time, unless working on a commission piece, and this can make my work diverse in nature. ...more