AG Photography

Photography – Boston, MA

I have always seen the world in pictures. As a child glancing at a bed of flowers, I would see the colors, perspective, angles, lines, and frame of the picture in my mind’s eye, and in my professional work now as a photographer I seek to share this experience. At the age of 6, I was handed my first camera. With the support and encouragement of my mother, I developed the gift of capturing the right moment and allowing others to feel my thoughts through exposure. Shortly thereafter, I also experienced the other side of the lens by becoming the art that photographers aim to capture. From this experience, I believe that I have achieved a greater ability in relating to the models I work with and attaining that flawless shot that is often difficult to get. One of my many goals as a photographer is to bring my portrait photography into a realm of conceptual art, playing with well-known stories or ideas and twisting them to make them my own. Timeless tales presented in an image of my design, leaving the mark of my personality on the lasting thread of various interpretations. These shoots tend to be fun for myself as well as the models, the end result being a work that I am particularly proud of. I find true fulfillment in creating captivating portraits. The world is my canvas – supplying me with everlasting entities and allowing me to dance within the shadows and light! ...more