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Accessories – Vancouver, BC

Aatmaya is the story of mind, body and soul written in the form of jewelry, home décor, and much more. Unique designs uncommon to the human eye; every piece is a tribute to beauty, individuality, music and dance, and designed to lift one’s soul into the eternal light. Derived from the Sinhalese term for "soul", Aatmaya is a strong representation of both the masculine and feminine energies, heralding the message of organic and holistic living through every product and encouraging every customer to lead a conscious lifestyle. Founded by Shiri Perera, an Entrepreneur and Crystal Enthusiast who has travelled the world, expanding and deepening her knowledge of different cultures, and rewarding herself with enriching and memorable experiences. With her deep passion for crystals and their healing benefits on the body, mind and soul, Shiri is an advocate for self-healing, the power of meditation and Sacred Geometry. ...more