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Fashion – Boston, MA

When your back is against the wall, instead of breaking your head seeking answers outside of yourself, the answer usually lies right under your nose. This came into play when I was struggling to come up with the name for my brand. Frustrated, I glared down at my desk and noticed the last 4 digits on my Charlie Card read 2320. 2320 represents seeking answers within, resourcefulness, oneness, standing in your power, and trust while walking your Divine path. I use mostly up-cycled and recycled materials that I acquire from my surrounding environment. Originally I collected Backwoods & Fronto King packs, toys and other discarded items from the ground in my neighborhood, and then I made art out of the materials. Soon, friends began saving their empty packs and giving them to me to support the cause. Now I have a recycling program where customers can submit their used packs for a discount on their next purchase. Creating is a safe space where I connect to Self to ground ideas, while expanding into unknown territories. All 2320 products are custom creations, handmade with LOVE. ​ ...more

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Showcasing in Miami, FL

ARISE at Revolution (18+) – Jul 25, 2019 @6:30PM

Exhibiting on: Jul 25, 2019 @6:30PM