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Susan M. Peiffer

Colorado Springs, CO


Susan M. Peiffer is a widely recognized and published poet, educator, and spoken word artist. The recent recipient of the Pike's Peak Arts Council's award for excellence in performance poetry and the Colorado Springs RAW performance artist of the year, Susan's confessional poetry covers a variety of subjects, carries a unique cadence, and ranges in style from modern haiku to competitive slam. She is the slam-master, program director and curator of Hear, Here! Colorado Springs where she facilitates workshops in both page and performance poetry for people of all ages and audiences. Susan M. Peiffer has been buying lottery tickets for over a year now, but her lucky number hasn’t come up. Her goal is to buy a $189,000 trailer, $810,988.47 worth of gasoline and a $1.50 map of the afterlife. She believes that irrational is not always unreasonable, that most inanimate objects come to life at night, and that cheese is milk’s greatest leap towards immortality.


Poetry is seeded inside each one of us, mingled with the very dust of our creation. There is an urgency and responsibility in sharing our stories to build compassionate community. Our ability to listen, write, and share with each other is essential to our humanity. Inspiration germinates in the ordinary (and extraordinary) conditions of daily life. We live in poetic circumstances. Every day there is purpose and pattern to the weaving and sorting of our words. Inspiration sprouts from vulnerability. Inspiration grows with compassion. Inspiration blooms in reconciliation and unity.... and forgiveness. Again and again, forgiveness.


I like that RAW is a collaborative event--mediums meeting in the middle to celebrate each other and with a connected vision, passion, and shared creativity. I've made great friends & collaborations through RAW--so THANK YOU! (Oh....and...if you add an "R", you get "RAWR!!")


My world goes around with ongoing opportunities to love others--the chances I have to spot something beautiful and go, "Hey! Look at that over there....That's something special!"