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Senya Donkor

Richmond, VA


From the runway to print work, to working with my organization, The Bright Foundation, and most importantly, to being a college student, I strive to do it all! The reason for my continued push for success may be innate or it may simply be the strong ambition I have to follow my dreams. I believe it is all about having faith, a strong faith in God and having the confidence to know that, in life, you are not restricted by any limitations unless you allow yourself to be bounded by them. I don’t come from a much, but I strive to have the very best in life. Like any other human being, I make mistakes, but I learn and seek progress from them. Just as how no one knows what tomorrow or the future may hold, I do not know what God has destined for my life on earth. What I do know and I am certain of is that my life is not my own and to Him I belong. I have learned that in life, it is impossible to please everyone so I live to please the Most High – nothing more, nothing less! I appreciate positive opinions or comments and any constructive criticisms you may have for me, as I am a woman in progress


I am inspired by my surroundings, my and culture


Like my motto, my favorite thing about RAW is that "Its Leads the way so one day others can leave their mark"


My failures, and spiritual lifestyle make my world go round