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Rebel Child

Raleigh, NC


Producing and performing her own music, Rebel Child creates songs that reflect intensity inspired from her favorite Soul and Rock artists such as Sade, Sia, Mary J. Blige, and Jimi Hendrix. Rebel Child's love of music has given her the opportunity to work with Fayetteville's local radio personality Jane Dough, and her non-profit company Kool Beans. She uses her talents as an entertainer and journalist to promote independent music and artistic unity within the community. She has been featured on songs with other independent artists such as reggae sensation Emperor, and international recording artist S.K.Y. In July of 2013 she performed for RAW Artists of Raleigh's "Kaleidoscope" event with rock band Bad Habits, and was nominated for 'Musician of the Year' in December 2013. She is currently recording her latest project; no release date is set


My music is personal. I reach into myself and pull out every emotion I've ever felt, every thought that has crossed my mind, and use those human aspects to tell a story. I fell in love with music because it made me feel something, because I could relate to a complete stranger with a beautiful talent. I want to do that to others. I want to make others cry, laugh, get angry, fall in love, become inspired, and realize that they are not the only ones to experience the joys and pains of life. There is so much superficiality in the world that people often lose themselves. I want to remind them of how imperfect humans are by setting the example, by being the one to say, "Hey, I made a few mistakes, and here's what I learned from them."


I love that artists are appreciated for creating something unconventionally wonderful, and are given a chance to show it to their city/town, and in some cases their nation! I consider all independents artist as family because we are all trying to accomplish a lot of the same things. RAW brings us together like a family reunion, and I get to meet distant family members, and celebrate the authenticity of our art.


Music is my life! There's a song attributed to every great feat in my life. When I go out with friends, and we hear a specific song, we immediately turn to each other and say, "Oh! Do you remember when..." I'm a big animal lover to the point where one of the blues songs I performed at the RAW 2013 July showcase was written out of remorse for a cat that died. It broke my heart so bad, that singing about it was my only relief. On my next project, there's a song dedicated to my puppy, and how she taught me what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. Wearing a cocktail dress while enjoying cocktails, tattoos, dark poetry, retro and boho styles, natural hair, beaded jewelry....anything artsy, expressive, and just down-right out of this world.