4-week Singer/Songwriter Incubator Workshop where #ArtsMeetsBiz

Define the hurdles singer/songwriters face and explore how to conquer them using non-traditional and sustainable methods.

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Fresh off the success of the first ARTSLAB incubator, The Show Goes On Productions is partnering with The Bowery Vault to bring an incubator workshop personalized for Singer/Songwriters to Nashville! 

The Incubator will accept 10 – 15 singer/songwriters to participate in a four-week think-tank aimed at making music careers more sustainable for artists. The group will receive basic training on business principles and exposure to entrepreneurial strategies relevant to a career in the Arts. Each singer/songwriter will also be encouraged to write a song during the program and present it at a final evening of performances judged by a panel of guests from NYC and Chicago. ​

Incubator topics include:

  • What makes music timeless?
  • Does quality music have to come from adversity?
  • How do you adapt to changing markets without compromising your Art?

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