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JPratt Footwear

Philadelphia, PA

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Who would ever known that watching one’s wife throw out shoes, could inspire someone to create customized embellished shoes. The creations and innovations of JPRATT shoes were created and founded when CEO and designer of JPRATT, Jermaine Pratt, decided to take his wife’s old shoe collection and recreate their look. Mr. Pratt fascination with shoes was discovered at a young age while watching PBS. He shared “I loved watching the Magic School bus, the teacher Ms. Frizzle shoes were amazing and stood out.” From there he shared he always focused and analyzed every woman shoes he saw. Today, JPRATT fascination for shoes has taken him from sitting in front of the TV watching “The Magic School Bus” to sitting front and center New York, Miami, and Philadelphia’s Fashion Week watching models walk in his designs Through his motto “Heels make a woman be a woman” Jermaine Pratt will continue to redefine the shoe of a woman and create timeless custom embellished pieces.

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