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Gillian Drier

Madison, WI


I am currently attending University of Wisconsin Madison as a first-year full time art student. I intend to major in Graphic Design and minor in business. Art is my passion and definitely what I want to do with the rest of my life. Self expression is really important to me and I think that channeling it through art is the best thing in my life. I generally draw using charcoal, and recently have begun to explore color using colored pencils. I also love photography and I would like to get more into sculpture.


Currently my main inspiration is Chuck Close and his work. The stylized portraits and use of color really helped me to develop my work. The ability to visually take apart and then recreate an image using a combination of abstraction and grids is amazing to me; I aspire to have an understanding of shape and color that matches his by the end of my art career.


It's such a great opportunity for blossoming artist to gain confidence, and have the most important and hidden part of their world shown to other people. I feel like seeing so much different styles of art inspires others to create more stunning and unique works of art.


I think a combination of making art and listening to good music is my perfect day. I love that I can sit down and put on some Matt & Kim, and create something beautiful. It's an escape and it's completely necessary for me to live. A professor I had once said about making art, "JUST GRAB YOUR GONADS AND FUCKING GO." For me, truer words haven't spoken about the creative process.