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Richmond, VA

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I've been cutting stencils by hand and spray painting them for 8 years now. My goal is to further and further push the technical boundaries of stencil art. I've been told that I spend too much time cutting the stencils, that the degree of difficulty isn't worth it. However, I find the whole act completely therapeutic, and I wouldn't change my ways for anything.

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Finding a great source photo is the best form of inspiration for me. I love to analyze the work of an amazing photographer in order to figure out how I might be able to capture the beauty of their piece with a couple cans of spray paint and some lacerated paper. And once a project is completed, I step back and look at it, and I am immediately inspired to start another one, to see if I can do better.

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I love the variety of talent that a RAW show brings together. It's not just a night of paintings, or photographs, or music. It is a beautiful mosaic of all types of artwork, which translates into a fantastic time. My first RAW show was amazing, and I think this one will be even better.


My daughter, Isabella.