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Caresa Lynnett

San Diego, CA


San Diego –based singer/songwriter Caresa Lynnett is more than just a natural born entertainer, Caresa was without a doubt born to sing! Caresa’s sound is inspired by her love for soul music, her appreciation for jazz and her respect for hip hop. Writer on local music, Bart Mendoza of The San Diego Community News Group describes Caresa as; “The newest sound emerging from the local music scene seems to be dance-oriented soul… One such singer and songwriter is Caresa Lynnett… Working with producers Sound Collage Musik, Lynnett mixes jazz, beats and R&B for songs that have the right blend of groove and bite.” Her effortless ability to connect with her audience through her smooth, rich, tone; sincere, lively personality and candid lyrics is sure to make this up and coming singer/songwriter one many will fall in love with.


As far as writing goes, Every day life experiences inspire me... Falling in love, heartbreak, struggle, loss, happiness, self love... I am inspired to turn my experiences, feelings (good and not so good) into art. As far as being an singer/songwriter... Being able to inspire others to follow their dreams, inspires me to keep going. Everyone deserves to do what they love and if I can spark some sort of encouragement in other dreamers, then I am pleased!


My favorite thing about RAW is that it gives the artists the opportunity to be appreciated and accepted. So often artists are looked at as rebellious and are under appreciated and overlooked, but this forum allows artists to shine and not only receive love from fellow artists, but give it as well!


Making sure I please God, my family and true friends (who are family in the long run lol), creative freedom... Spreading positivity to those who come into contact with me, Building meaningful relationships with interesting people, being silly and random with my favorite people... Oh! Pizza and sweet treats too!