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Ameera Delandro

Richmond, VA

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Pro ♥ & All Things Music I have passion for expression through music in all its purity. Singing and playing guitar is what drives me. I want to always be true to myself and true to the sound. I'm all about the special moments in life and never taking anything for granted. My influences come a lot from Folk, Soul and Blues artists. I love when an artist is able to pour their heart into their music without boundaries or limitations. It seems so honest and pure. There's a lot about the live aspect of this genre that speaks to me. I am currently working on a Folk Acoustic EP, all homegrown and original. I am truly excited to hear the end product of something that represents the real me. With Love Ameera

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Everything really! Life, people, sights, sounds, experiences good and bad. I take the end result of any given day and transform it into a song. This helps me to release, soothe, heal and relive the joys of life. One memory from a song can do so much for you emotionally. Knowing that no matter what I'll always have my music to turn to gives me great happiness and for this reason I'm inspired to create. Also artist such as Ingrid Michaelson, A Fine Frenzy, Pricilla Ahn, Rosi Golan, Hope, Christina Perri, and Corinne Bailey Rae inspire me to explore new sounds. To see them expressing their gift from the realness or their heart inspires me to continue to share. Its all about sharing!

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The name alone RAW is such a great thing. The Freedom to express whatever art means to you! It is such a wonderful platform for artists to come together and support one another!


God! My Husband! Mi Guitar! Peace. My Pups Bolu and Sansa. Friends and Family. Music! Art. Fashion. Shrimp Tacos. Pandora!! Romantic Comedies. Shopping. Swimming. A Nice Quiet Evening. Icy's! Home Made Meals. Children Who Behave (lol). Nature. Flowers. Dancing. The Sims. Stand Up. The Beach. Spooning. Lazy Sundays. The Walking Dead. A Relaxing Bath. Photography. Holding Hands. Buffalo Wild Wings! Sun Flower Seeds. Shoes. Life. Victories. Happy Memories. Sunset. I can keep going on and on (lol).