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Denver, CO

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Hector Lara (DJHEX) Born In Las Cruces, NM Fascinated by electronic music since early age, he begins to mix vinyl’s, being influenced by turntable artists, DJ Craze, Atrak, Klever, Slow Roast Records, and Fools Gold. Been featured in many clubs/bars around Denver, Boulder, Aspen, and in some of the most influential halls, Currently holds a residency with Denver's Raw Artist at City Hall, and ready to expand his talent to bigger cities. Has took turntablism to a different level, can rock the crowd front to back with hard hitting sounds. Participant in the Denver DMC Championship Regional Competition, opened up for LMAFO’s DJ Dainjazone, took home the Denver 2012 Raw Artist Musician of the year Award, and Featured in Denver’s Top 7 by 303 Magazine. Hex continues to move crowds with his versatility style separating him from others. You will be in for a performance when he touches the wheels of steel.

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My inspiration is my Dad who played for many bands around the US playing drums, grew up being taught by him, and now I want to rock the crowd like he did, but just in a slightly different way.

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Whats not to dislike about RAW, very responsive, explained everything, and the fact of giving the upcoming artist a chance to shine, exceeded my expectations.

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Music, Friends, the love for the people, Family supporting my talents, and a lot of food i love to eat ha